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Tiff, Pt. 8

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Sep 24, 2003

All u can eat

Ben Folds' new EP, Sunny 16, is now available for order. When his last EP was released, I did a straight drawing-for-CD exchange with a reader. But this time, my impatience has gotten the best of me -- I've already ordered it. However, if anyone would still like to subsidize my poor purchasing decisions, now is as good a time as any to buy some art.

T-shirts go on sale next week! I promise!

Sam Logan

Sep 22, 2003

He was a quiet American

I don't normally use my rants to recommend novels. This is mainly because I am highly doubtful that anyone would actually go to the trouble to go and read a whole book based entirely on my small recommendation. But guess what! The Quiet American, a novel of which I am rather fond, has been made into a fine film with Michael Caine and Brendon Fraser. I am confident that at least some of you might take my advice and give it a watch, because the only effort required of you is sitting on your ass and keeping your eyes open for an hour and a half. And if you do enjoy the film, read the book! It's swell.

Sam Logan

Sep 19, 2003


Projects projects projects! I have finally come up with a design for the first Sam and Fuzzy t-shirt that I am completely happy with. I should be able to start taking pre-orders for this sucker as early as sometime next week.

After the shirts, my next big item is a special Sam and Fuzzy book that will feature about 60 pages of content that you will never see on the website. I don't want to give too much away, but I will tell you that this comic is quite different from anything I have ever done before. More on this project in a month or so!

Sam Logan