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Oct 10, 2003

Life is viewtiful

I have just obtained Viewtiful Joe for the Nintendo Gamecube, and I have four words for you: Game Of The YEAR. It's an absolute blast to play, and is oozing with style. If you have a Gamecube and you don't have this game you must be either stupid or crazy. (Or poor.)

T-shirts will start shipping next week! From this point on, I'll be keeping a constant backstock of 'em, so order with impunity.

Sam Logan

Oct 8, 2003

Hello, my name is Roger

A friendly reminder... today (ie: Wednesday) is the last day that Babydoll Ts are available for order, and I probably won't be bringing them back until closer to the holiday season. Act now, or be sorry. And topless.

Shortened rantage for today... I don't mean to gyp anyone, but I have three papers due this week, and I feel like I have been typing all day. So unless anyone wants to hear about power relations in the Upper Missouri fur trade, American nation building in South Vietnam, or Kepel's Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam, now is probably not a good time to talk to me.

Rock on.

Sam Logan

Oct 6, 2003


OK, official business first. Because the Babydoll T-Shirts are such a specialty (read: very few people buy them) item, I have decided not to have any extra printed to keep as backstock for future orders. So, if you would like a babydoll shirt, please order one by Wednesday of this week. I won't be offering them again until the next time I have a batch of shirts printed!

I assume most of you have already seen the little Player Vs. Player / Penny Arcade attacking-each-other's-comics thing. To be honest, as a reader of both strips I found the whole fiasco kind of perversely amusing. But what was really amusing was Dave Kelly's insulting parody of their insulting parodies! I guess it's really hard for webcomic artists to critique one another without resorting to hyjacking their own strips. It's certainly not something I would do. But to each his own, right?

Well, er... apparently not.

Sam Logan