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Tiff, Pt. 16

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Oct 13, 2003

The hype zone

Today... comic recommendations! First of all, welcome Vern and Dern to Dayfree Press! Stephen and Rico have put together a fine strip, and we're definately the better for having them on board.

Secondly, a brand new comic from the co-creator of It's All Been Done has just recently launched. It's called Didn't Think This Through, and it is definately worth checking out! I wonder who would win in an all out battle royale between Fuzzy and Palmer?

By the way -- If you're old enough to see Kill Bill, go see Kill Bill. Because Kill Bill is the best movie I've seen this year, and Kill Bill (Volume 2) will quite probably be the best movie I see next year.

Kill Bill!

Sam Logan

Oct 10, 2003

Life is viewtiful

I have just obtained Viewtiful Joe for the Nintendo Gamecube, and I have four words for you: Game Of The YEAR. It's an absolute blast to play, and is oozing with style. If you have a Gamecube and you don't have this game you must be either stupid or crazy. (Or poor.)

T-shirts will start shipping next week! From this point on, I'll be keeping a constant backstock of 'em, so order with impunity.

Sam Logan

Oct 8, 2003

Hello, my name is Roger

A friendly reminder... today (ie: Wednesday) is the last day that Babydoll Ts are available for order, and I probably won't be bringing them back until closer to the holiday season. Act now, or be sorry. And topless.

Shortened rantage for today... I don't mean to gyp anyone, but I have three papers due this week, and I feel like I have been typing all day. So unless anyone wants to hear about power relations in the Upper Missouri fur trade, American nation building in South Vietnam, or Kepel's Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam, now is probably not a good time to talk to me.

Rock on.

Sam Logan