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Roll for Initiative, Pt. 12

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Aug 8, 2014


Hello, friends! I have just returned from a speaking engagement at a library in (the very lovely) Pemberton BC, and thus, did not manage to put a Q and A feature together today. But worry not! I will do one on Monday instead, before I rocket off to this year's Gen Con!

In the meantime, enjoy today's comic! And tune back on Monday for the final week of this chapter, in which excrement gets corporeal. (To use the colloquial term.)

-Sam Logan

Aug 5, 2014

Gravity Falls

Anyone else watching the new season of Gravity Falls? If not, can't recommend it enough. It's the whole package: gorgeous art, a great sense of humour and character, and all the long-running conspiracies a Sam and Fuzzy fan could want.

DID YOU KNOW: I actually tried out to work on Gravity Falls once! They needed to hire a temporary freelance storyboarder, and offered to let me do a board test. Storyboarding was never something I'd ever considered doing before, but since I was such a big fan of the show, I wasn't going to say no!

I didn't get the position, ultimately, but I did have a lot of fun putting the test together. If you're curious, you can read the whole story and see some of the boards I did by clicking the image below.

Click here to read the legend of Sam's board test for Gravity Falls!

-Sam Logan

Aug 4, 2014

New shirts now on sale!

A pair of new Sam and Fuzzy shirts have arrived in my Topatoco store!

Darwinsome, Darlosesome -- inspired by this comic -- features a pair of Buddy and Rexford's distant ancestors. And Roll for Initiative -- based on joke I nearly included in this comic before changing my mind and making it the title of the chapter instead -- stars a younger, slightly more slender Herman Katts.

I hope you dig them! I think they turned out pretty slick.

-Sam Logan