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Tiff, Pt. 20

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Oct 22, 2003

Starting Monday, October 27th... the first ever Sam and Fuzzy

Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomics Duration! (O-GAWD)

Featuring two weeks jam-packed with strips written and illustrated by a top-secret bevy of your favourite Web-comicers!

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Yes, that's right -- two weeks of guest strips! I intend to keep the artist line-up as a complete surprise, but I will say this much... there is a lot of them. Expect one strip to be posted every weekday, at the very least.

Well, I didn't get my Zebrahead CD. Although the new album was released in the US today, for mysterious reasons it wasn't released in Canada. None of the local music shops even had the CD listed on their computers as an upcomming release in the next few weeks. That's just messed up!

Fortunately, I did manage to get the new Barenaked Ladies album. Once, I was a huge fan of the Ladies, but over the last few years I had sort of forgotten about them. But Everything and Everyone reminded me instantly why I used to listen to these guys so much. The standout tracks are definately Testing 1, 2, 3, another pop masterpiece from Ed; Upside Down, a sort of rock-tango that really reminds me of Moxy Fruvous; and War on Drugs, a haunting balade that may or may not actually be about the War on Drugs. The single, Another Postcard, is one of the weakest tracks on the whole album, but it is still probably the best song about monkey stationary that I have heard this year.

Sam Logan

Oct 20, 2003

Admit that you were wrong and we'll admit that we're right

I have just returned from experiencing the almighty Sloan in concert. To be perfectly honest, the conditions could have been better -- the club's accoustics were terrible, and Chris seemed to have some sort of throat cold that made it hard for him to sing. But none the less, the band rocked that club like it was the rockingest day of their lives and they had an electrified rocking machine. Pat sang a few more of his songs than he might have normally, wailing guitar solos were liberally distributed, and the band came back at the end of the show to play a three song encore. Solid stuff.

It's a good week for Sam and music in general, really. Tommorrow sees the release of new albums from both Zebrahead and the Barenaked Ladies. I've heard a few tracks from both, and I have a feeling deep in my gut that these are going to be Good Albums. We shall see!

Sam Logan

Oct 17, 2003


A few odds and ends tidied up today!

First of all, I have finally gotten around to adding a new piece of art to the gallery: my guest strip for Brian Carroll's Instant Classic! You'll also notice that Instant Classic has been added to my recommended reading list, replacing the currently defunct Return to Sender. What can I say? The man does good work.

The Tiff storyline wraps up next week, and I've got something pretty special lined up for the first couple of weeks that follow. Stay tuned!

Sam Logan