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Aid and Abet, Pt. 21

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Oct 24, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Pronounciation Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"How do you pronounce 'Sam Schaus'?" -Jake

"Schaus" is pronunced: Shh (as in be quiet) ow (as in ouch) ss (as in hiss)! Sam is pronounced Sam, as in Sam.

To answer other popular pronounciation-related questions, Devahi is pronounced Dev (as in developer) ah (as in say ah) hee (as in he and her), and Fuzzy is pronounced Foo (as in Fu Manchu) zee zee (as in zebra) ih (as in synergy).

One of those might not actually be true.

"If I get one of the Volume 4 limited bundles, can I pick a character or costume that isn't on the chart for my drawing, or are those the only options allowed?" -Ashley

Sorry Ashley. I've gotten this question a few times, which means I probably didn't explain myself very well.

The chart is strictly for generating drawing ideas for folks who want to be surprised. But if you have a different character or costume in mind, go for it! Some folks have asked for older characters (Andrea), or very specific costumes (Captain Kirk), or no unusual costume at all (Hazel dressed as regular old Hazel). I've done 'em all!

"How many books are going to be in the current Sam and Fuzzy series? (The one that started with Fix Your Problem.)" -Mike

Six! Unless the last book winds up being so big that I need to chop it into two parts, like so many Young Adult film adaptations. So we're getting there, but we have a ways to go yet.

-Sam Logan

Oct 22, 2014

Vol 4 Bonus Pack Upgrade

It's that time again, team! I'm so pleased by your support for our new print collection of Volume 4, that I've decided to upgrade the buyer digital bonus pack even further.

Now, in addition to the PDF copy of Vol 4 and four bonus desktops, everyone who nabs a copy of Volume 4 before Nov 1st will also get a PDF ebook copy of the Volume 4 Sketchbook. The sketchbook will collect all the fun, weird, and crazy pieces I've been drawing for people's Volume 4 limited bundles. It's already well over 30 pages long, but if people keep nabbing those limited bundle commissions, I'm going to have even more material to put in there!

Also, as an extra bonus prize, one lucky buyer is going to win the original 11x14 inked artwork for Volume 4's back cover. If you'd like to nab all these bonuses and get entered into the draw for the art, just pick up any version of the book before November 1st. Woo!

-Sam Logan

Oct 20, 2014

A whole new whirl

A new week is upon us, friends! And in addition to another batch of new comics, I believe my new t-shirts will also be dropping! I will keep you posted.

By the way, is anyone out there experiencing any commercials in the sidebar with annoying auto-playing audio when they browse the Sam and Fuzzy site? It seems a couple are sneaking in for some users. This is not supposed to be, so if it is happening to you, drop me an <a href="mailto:[email protected]">email</a> and let me know what they were for so I can block em! (Don't click 'em though.)

-Sam Logan