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Aid and Abet, Pt. 38

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Dec 3, 2014

RPG AMA Today, last day for non-express international shipping tomorrow!

Hi team! A couple of brief reminders:

Today at 10am pacific (1pm eastern), the devs of the Sam and Fuzzy RPG and I will being doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit! I'll post a link here when the AMA is live. (edit: It is now live! GO GO GO!) Come on by and watch us answer all your questions about the game, the S&F universe guidebook, the comic, and whatever else crosses your mind!

And don't forget, international friends... tomorrow (Dec 4th) is the last day you can order any of my Topatoco swag with non-express shipping and recieve it in time for Christmas. After tomorrow, international orders will need to use express post for timely ho ho hos!

-Sam Logan

Dec 1, 2014

Date game

Friends! A couple of important dates are looming.

First of all... Topatoco has posted their 2014 Holiday Ordering Deadline guide! If you would like to order any of my books, shirts, or other swag, this will let you know when you need to order (and what shipping methods you need to use) to get it in time for Christmas. The first looming deadline, for international buyers, is December 4th: after the 4th, you'll need to splurge for Priority Express mail to get your parcel before Christmas.

Secondly, on December 3rd (this Wednesday) at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern, we'll be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything about the Sam and Fuzzy RPG! This will give us a chance to answer any and all of your questions about either the game itself or the expansive Sam and Fuzzy universe guidebook.

It's a big project, but I've been previewing little bits and pieces of it via our Kickstarter updates. Over the last week or two, I've posted a guide to our character creation system and some sample pages from our jobs section. And on Friday, I posted some sample pages from the guidebook section! You can check it out by clicking the image below.

The last thing we'd like to do before the campaign ends is record a sample playsession of the game -- we're working on that now! After that, I'll feel like we'll have given folks a pretty solid general impression of the project, but we're eager to answer any specific questions you all might have. (Hence the Ask Me Anything!) So start your brainstorming.

-Sam Logan

U.S.P.S. Priority Mail Express International


Nov 28, 2014

Rest Day

Hi team! If no one minds, I think I'll take this week off from our usual Q and A feature. I'm just a little exhausted today and could use a mild load-lightening. But never fear: today's comic is still here as always, ready for you to cosume!

The RPG kickstarter continues ever forward... we are getting pretty close to that Shapeshifter goal! I'll be sharing some more previews of the gamebook insides in the coming days. We'll also be doing a Ask Me Anything on Reddit next Wednesday -- that's Dec 3, at 10am pacific/1pm eastern -- if you have any specific questions for us! (You can, of course, also just message us via the kickstarter page.)

We return on Monday! See you then, gang. (And Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!)

-Sam Logan