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Missing Link, Pt. 14

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Apr 8, 2015


I almost went to bed without remembering to queue up today's comic! I think that's the first time that's ever happened. I guess I would have woke up to a lot of confused messages. ("OMG did Sam finally miss an update?")

NOT THIS TIME, friends.

In today's strip: it's Roan! Remember Roan? Of course you do.

-Sam Logan

Apr 6, 2015


Running a little behind today, friends, so I'll skip the newspost. But here... have a comic! Another arrives Wendesday.

-Sam Logan

Apr 3, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Diplomatic Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Um... so is Tshirt Diplomacy a real store? Or is it just an April Fools joke? Because some of the shirts are kind of... strange." -Alex

T-Shirt Diplomacy is totally a real store! But don't worry. I think a few thought it might be a joke. It would explain why the management seems to have decided to adorn the site with this banner:

Between you and me, I think the reason some of the shirts seem strange is because not all of the staff of shirt creators have the greatest understanding of human culture. (Although they certainly seem to think they do.) I think the polite thing is to not point it out, and enjoy it whenever they accidentally hit on something brilliant. Like whatever is happening here.

"I noticed some of the Sam & Fuzzy shirts on the new site look a little different than they did originally. Is that deliberate? Also, will you be bringing back any of the other old designs?" -Rob

A lot of time has passed since I made those designs originally! In some cases, like Can't Dance and Obtuse Reference, I decided to take advantage of TD's multiple-colour printing capabilities to flesh them out a little more. In others, like Ask Me About the Conpsiracy, I had to change the colour scheme entirely because the shirt's original forest green colour isn't available to TD's printers.

If these shirts do well, TD may bring back some of my other classics! (The only ones that are definitely off the table are the designs that had both front and back components... TD only does one-sided printing.)

"Why did you decide to publish your shirt reprints through this new site instead of Topatoco?" -Chris

The reason most of these classic designs were originally discontinued was because they had been around so long that they weren't getting many orders anymore. It became to cumbersome to keep them in stock just to fill a handful of requests, especially when Topatoco needs to keep making space on their shelves for my newer products!

T-Shirt Diplomacy, on the other hand, has access to giant futuristic on-demand printing machines, manufacturing the shirts one at a time to fill orders. So I thought they'd be the perfect way to make my discontinued designs available again for all the folks who missed them, while Topatoco keeps handling all my books and newer shirt designs.

Plus, found the website's cultural exchange mission and deep and convoluted history kind of compelling. It seemed like it'd be a fun thing to be involved in!

Our next comic arrives Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan