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Missing Link, Pt. 15

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Apr 10, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Diplomatic Edition
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"I've been reading Girls With Slingshots lately, when I realized that both of you have characters named Hazel (which seems an otherwise rare-ish name.)  Does/did GWS (or anything else) ever affect your choice of character names?

...WAIT a second...along those lines and knowing your fondness for Sonic the Hedgehog: was "Crush's" nickname possibly a reference to the band Crush 40??" -Jared

I don't generally name any of my characters after other fictional characters. Sometimes I'll pull a name out of real life! I went to highschool with someone named Devahi, for example. But it's strictly because I like the name or think it will fit the character well -- the characters are never actually based in any way on the real people whose names I swiped.

The "Crush" name was born entire of necessity. He needed a nickname that sounded kind of badass, but that could actually be explained by something silly and embarassing.

"So on a whim, I started reading Sam & Fuzzy from the beginning again and came across this strip. I just have to ask. Did you plan on Fuzzy becoming a famous celebrity from then or was it just a happy coincidence?" -Ian

Even I don't plan that far ahead! I started plotting the celebrity Fuzzy story -- along with most of the other particularly major beats of the current series -- in the months leading up to the start of Fix Your Problem.

"I'm sure you've answered this before, but do you have a particular end point in mind for Sam and Fuzzy? Is everything meant to converge at a certain point and getting there is still a little hazy, or do you have that planned out as well? HOW MUCH LONGER CAN I RELY ON GETTING MY THRICE-WEEKLY FIX OF NINJA SHENANEGANS?!" -Jordan

There's a definite ending! Sam and Fuzzy Missing Inaction is book 5 of a 6 book series. After that, the story will be done.

But don't panic! Because once it's over, I'll just start working on a brand new one. It's too early to say who that story will be about or how connected it'll be to Sam and Fuzzy, but I'm sure anyone who has dug all the different tones and characters I've thrown at you so far will dig my next thing, too.

Our next comic arrives Monday... see you then!


Apr 8, 2015


I almost went to bed without remembering to queue up today's comic! I think that's the first time that's ever happened. I guess I would have woke up to a lot of confused messages. ("OMG did Sam finally miss an update?")

NOT THIS TIME, friends.

In today's strip: it's Roan! Remember Roan? Of course you do.

-Sam Logan

Apr 6, 2015


Running a little behind today, friends, so I'll skip the newspost. But here... have a comic! Another arrives Wendesday.

-Sam Logan