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Nov 14, 2003

You say this ain't the end to me

With strips like today's and this one, it's no surprise that some readers have suspected me of being a vegetarian. Which is funny, because I am about as far away from being a vegetarian as a person can possibly get. I just find it amusing how uncomfortable people get when they have to actually think about what they are eating!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my first week back on the job. It's reassuring to check my stats and see that all the new readers that showed up during O-GAWD have decided to stick around! Welcome aboard, guys. Feel free to plough through the archive and catch up on what you've missed. Or, buy a shirt.


Sam Logan

Nov 12, 2003

Awaken you inner heroness

Defender of pants Pantsman, known to some as VG Cats author Scott Ramsoomair, has joined Dayfree Press. You've all seen Scott's awesome guest strip, so I know you're familiar with just how awesome this man's work is. Everyone be sure to welcome Scott aboard!

Sam Logan

Nov 10, 2003

Business with pleasure as usual

Well, here I am back in the driver's seat after two weeks of some of the finest guest webcomics ever to grace the internet. I'd just like to take this moment to give one last round of thanks to all the O-GAWD participants. You guys did a hell of a job. Writing the newsposts to accompany all your comics, I was having increasing difficulty coming up with new ways to say you were awesome.

Speaking of O-GAWD, the event has now been additionally imortalized in the features section. Now's as good a time as any to check and make sure you didn't miss any of the strips!

I nearly spelled fetus "foetus" in today's comic, but apparently, even Canadians don't spell it that way. I was kind of disappointed, because I'm always looking for excuses to throw a few extra sihlent letteurs into my senteances.

Sam Logan