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Nov 17, 2003


Today's update was delayed a couple of hours while I was busy putting the finishing touches on the new section of the shop for the first ever Sam and Fuzzy Christmas Cards! Basically, it took about a million hours longer than I though it would... whoops.

But yes... Sam and Fuzzy Christmas Cards! I thought this would be a neat idea since I've never seen any other webcomics attempt to hock a similar product. Please help me feel like I didn't stay up until 3:30 AM for nothing and go take a look at them (and maybe buy some.) I know it's still kind of early for most people to be thinking about Christmas, but I want people to be able to get them early enough to actually make use of them!

Sam Logan

Nov 14, 2003

You say this ain't the end to me

With strips like today's and this one, it's no surprise that some readers have suspected me of being a vegetarian. Which is funny, because I am about as far away from being a vegetarian as a person can possibly get. I just find it amusing how uncomfortable people get when they have to actually think about what they are eating!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my first week back on the job. It's reassuring to check my stats and see that all the new readers that showed up during O-GAWD have decided to stick around! Welcome aboard, guys. Feel free to plough through the archive and catch up on what you've missed. Or, buy a shirt.


Sam Logan

Nov 12, 2003

Awaken you inner heroness

Defender of pants Pantsman, known to some as VG Cats author Scott Ramsoomair, has joined Dayfree Press. You've all seen Scott's awesome guest strip, so I know you're familiar with just how awesome this man's work is. Everyone be sure to welcome Scott aboard!

Sam Logan