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Sin's Gambit, Pt. 45

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Sep 11, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Mostly-Ignoring-Today's-Shocker Edition
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"There've been a lot of references to the robot faction of the Committee lately. Are we going to learn more about them in the future?" -Amy

Yes! They will be prominently featured in an upcoming story. But you can also learn a whole bunch about them right now in the Underground RPG gamebook's extensive guidebook to the Sam and Fuzzy universe! There's a ton of info about all the Committee factions and species in there.

"In this comic Devahi can't turn off the Buddy Bear army because the voice identification isn't recognized.  But Jes Starr is right behind her.  Does her shapeshifting allow her perfect vocal mimicry as well?" -Peter

As you've now seen, yes she can! I figured some people would see that coming, but that's OK. If it feels plausible enough to guess, then it's probably plausible enough to not feel like a cop-out. Ha!

"I thought Sin’s head… skull… body-helmet cracked when Sam hit him with that fire extinguisher? I’m not seeing that crack anymore." -Jake

Sin's robot head has a horizontal seam there -- the top of his head is a sealed "door" that he can open to get in and out. Sam's attack slightly dislodged the door, so I tried to communicate that by making the seam slightly visible up close or from certain angles. I was maybe more subtle about where I did or didn't depict it than I should have been, but I only wanted it to look a little damaged, not trashed.

But still, uh... a little damaged was enough for Brain's purposes, I guess. Yikes.

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-Sam Logan

Sep 9, 2015

September Patreon Extra

Attention, folks supporting the Sam and Fuzzy Patreon at the Art Blog level or higher: you'll find this month's issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra in the Patreon Activity Feed! As usual, it take all the exclusive art and behind-the-scenes stuff that was posted on the blog over the last month and combines it into one keepsake PDF. Thanks for your support!

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-Sam Logan

Sep 7, 2015

Expo 86'd

Thank you for a great time once again, Fan Expo! I met a ton of readers old and new, brainstormed terrible puns with my boothmates Peter and Aaron from Rock Paper Cynic and Big Simple Comics, and even obtained an elusive Rosalina amiibo with the help of a mystery con attendee. Truly, it was magical.

Today, I'm working my way through the somewhat-less-magical world of airports and airplanes. But I'll be home soon! And we'll be back on Wednesday with the next page of our story. See you then!

-Sam Logan