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Sin's Gambit, Pt. 60

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Oct 16, 2015

Friends! Topatoco needs to make room for some new designs... which means it's time to say goodbye to two of our oldest shirts. If you've been waiting to pick up a Tanuki Plumber or Winners Don't Use Save States shirt, now is the time! Once they're gone, Topatoco won't be restocking 'em.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Logo Edition
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"How has your S&F logo changed over time? It’s just that I noticed that your oldest logo is still visible in your earliest comics. It is quite different! Also, nostalgic." -Jake

Yeah!All the comics in the "Classic" era of the strip have a big Sam and Fuzzy logo at the top. It's a legacy of the comic's origins as a strip in the University of Victoria's student newspaper, The Martlet.

In the earliest strips (like this one), I drew the logo manually every time. But I switched to this pre-drawn one in strip 24, and in strip 66, I fancied it up a little into this version, which last the rest of the Classic arc. The logo is rough and scratchy-looking... ostensibly to match the art of the comic, but also just because I drew it by hand, and that was what my art looked like back then!

By the time I started the Noosehead arc, the comic wasn't running in the paper anymore. And honestly, it looked a little weird having the logo on the website twice (once in the header and once in the comic.) So, I took the opportunity to remove it from the strips themselves. For many years after that, I didn't really have an official Sam and Fuzzy logo. I would create some sort of logo-looking thing out of a blocky font any time I needed one for something.

Years later, when I finally started making books through Topatoco, I figured it was finally time to make a proper, consistent logo for the comic. With the help of my old pal Brian, we put together the Sam & Fuzzy graphic that is still being used to this day here on the site and in all my books! We kept the ampersand scratchy as a bit of a nod to the old one.

"Awww, Sin's real body looks adorable! Can we get some 'Adventures of the Adorable Real And Maybe Not Evil Sin Who Is Not Going to Instantly Get Destroyed By Brain On His First Appearance' sometime? Maybe Rikk Estoban would be interested in drawing them?" -Matt

I think we've seen as much of Sin's true form as we're ever going to! I actually debated whether or not I should show as much as we did. (It's hard to live up to the picture that people create in their minds!) But in the end, I decided that revealing it (at least partially) and then immediately, uh... taking it away again... gave the scene a sense of weighty finality.

"Why are all your Mario Maker levels so HARD?!?" -Allen

My Mario Maker levels are all designed around my own (approximate) Mario skill level. I just play a lot of platformers, I guess. That said, there are plenty of other levels on Mario Maker I don't even have a chance of beating... yikes!

OK... That's a wrap for this week, friends. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Oct 14, 2015

How Many Marios

For those of you who are equipped with Mario Maker, I've managed to make a couple new levels over the last few weeks:

Inversion Excursion (039E-0000-0080-D5A3) is a stage focused around reversing gravity...

...and Cannonball Run (02EE-0000-00A5-3839) is a stage about learning to live with the ever-drawing curtain of your own inevitable death. (Or maybe it is a level where you are chased by cannonballs; I'm not sure.)

You can find the ID codes and preview screenshots (and snarky comments from a couple of other webcartoonists) on my Miiverse wall! Entering an ID code is, unfortunately, the only way to find me on Mario Maker... but once you do, you can click my icon and follow me to see my other stages without having to enter any more tedious numbers.

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! See you then, friends.

-Sam Logan


Oct 12, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy

Fact (?): I am preeeeetty sure this is the first Sam and Fuzzy strip in which Sam and Fuzzy are both present, and no one else is, in at least a year. Possibly two? A long time, anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! I hope you all get to spend your evening with at least one other person that you like.

More Sam and Fuzzy on Wednesday! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan