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Nov 24, 2003

Timothy where have you been

Apologies for the downtime this Sunday. The server was being moved to a new IP subnet. I wasn't sure what that meant at the time, but now I know it basically means "F*** you and f*** your f***ing website, you motherf***ing motherf***er!"

I have a few webcomic recommendations today! I know you're all well aware that I'm a big fan of the TV show 24. So, it should come as no surprise to you that I found today's Limited Space particularly amusing. Also, as most of you are probably not aware, Sam and Fuzzy runs once a week in the University of Victoria student newspaper, The Martlet. If you're curious about what other comics run alongside my own, be sure to check out Roomies, which has finally made its online debut over at Loading Ready Run.

Sam Logan

Get well soon, John!

Nov 21, 2003

You dont need that money when you look like that do ya honey

I've completed my little holiday revision of the Sam and Fuzzy shop today by revamping the Commissions section. As you can see, I'm now selling signed prints as well as original art. If you've got a favourite Sam and Fuzzy strip or picture from the gallery, now you can get yourself a keen high res copy.

Did you see Jeffery Rowland's 24 hour comic yet? It's pretty keen! And it looks like John A is going to be doing one as well. Scott McCloud came up with the idea way back when, and it's a pretty cool one... maybe I will attempt to draw one myself some day.

I finally got myself a copy of the new Zebrahead CD, and it is every bit as awesome as I thought it would be. I also picked up the debut album from Jet. I know they're not particularly innovative or whatever, but what can I say? I love this stuff.

Sam Logan

Nov 19, 2003

Dead Stock Paradise

Because some of you have been asking, I have made a wider assortment of Sam and Fuzzy Clothing available! In the shop, you will now find Hoodies, XXL and XXXL t-shirts and Babydoll Ts. These suckers are a limited time offer -- after December 2nd, they will no longer be available. So if you want one, or want to buy one for someone else as a Christmas present... act fast!

Sam Logan