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Dec 12, 2003

Are you experienced

I am very sorry about all the downtime the site has been experiencing recently. Sam and Fuzzy will be moving to a new server in the somewhat near future -- hopefully the site will behave itself in the meantime.

I have some major webcomic recommendations for you all today! First of all, Rob Laughter has begun updating Coffee Brain once again! Just read a few strips and you'll understand why this is a cause for celebration. Welcome back, Rob!

Secondly -- I can't get enough of Questionable Content. J. Jacques actually drew a piece of fan art for me back when his webcomic was in its infancy. But recently, I returned to his site to find out that his comic has since developed into something seriously fantastic. Don't miss it!

Sam Logan

Dec 10, 2003

Cigarettes can kill you

In a move I wish more game developers would follow, Sierra has made the entire soundtrack to Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System available to download absolutely free right here. The music is solid enough, but the real treat is the snippets of the game's dialogue, which I probably find funnier than I should.

I've always enjoyed 24, but this season in particular has been incredible so far! Unfortunately, because it is impossible to understand what is going on without watching every episode, I can't in good conscience recommend this show to anyone except those who have already been watching it. Which would be kind of redundant.

And by redundant I mean unnecessary. Like saying something they already know. Needless repetition if you will.

Sam Logan

Dec 8, 2003

Scientific progress goes boink

I know I'm asking for it, but please don't email me any studies or links to studies about the effects of wine on the heart. I'm not saying the studies are wrong -- I'm saying that we've dwelled on them enough already.

This wednesday is the last day to order Christmas cards! I was originally going to offer them until Friday but I'm concerned about getting them in the mail in a timely holiday fashion.

Sam Logan