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Dec 17, 2003

Christmas fishmess wristwatch

People have been asking me, "Sam, is there going to be another Sam and Fuzzy Christmas Special this year?" Well to answer your question... yes. It will be running on Monday, December 22nd. Rejoice!

Do any of you folks read Girly? I swear, it just keeps getting better and better.

Sam Logan

Dec 15, 2003

Get me out of here

Sam and Fuzzy will be moving to a new webserver over the next few days. Unfortunately, our existing server doesn't appear to be able to keep the site up for more than six minutes at a time. This will soon be a thing of the past, like carpeted walls and pastel leisure suits.

I am sitting on a bunch of new stuff for the gallery, as well as a couple of new pieces of keen fanart. I will be putting this stuff up after the move.

Sam Logan

Dec 12, 2003

Are you experienced

I am very sorry about all the downtime the site has been experiencing recently. Sam and Fuzzy will be moving to a new server in the somewhat near future -- hopefully the site will behave itself in the meantime.

I have some major webcomic recommendations for you all today! First of all, Rob Laughter has begun updating Coffee Brain once again! Just read a few strips and you'll understand why this is a cause for celebration. Welcome back, Rob!

Secondly -- I can't get enough of Questionable Content. J. Jacques actually drew a piece of fan art for me back when his webcomic was in its infancy. But recently, I returned to his site to find out that his comic has since developed into something seriously fantastic. Don't miss it!

Sam Logan