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Social Hacking, Pt. 21

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Sep 2, 2016


Woo! I am knee-deep in Fan Expo madness! If you're at the show, come see me and my pals Peter and Aaron at booth 541. We have tons of cool stuff... and if we don't have what you want, I'll draw it for you! What a system.

Bonus tip: if you're going to be at the show on Saturday, wish me a Happy Birthday (yeah, it's really my birthday!) and get a free surprise. POW

-Sam Logan

Aug 31, 2016

Fan Expo Toronto!

Toronto's fabulous Fan Expo begins tomorrow, friends. If you're going to be at the show, be sure to swing by booth 541 and see me! I'll be hanging out there the whole show, drawing custom commissions for folks and peddling a wide variety of Sam and Fuzzy swag. (Including some secret, currently show-exclusive surprises!)

But don't worry! While I'm gone, Sam and Fuzzy will continue on as usual! The next comic arrives on Friday. See you then!

-Sam Logan


Aug 29, 2016

Get in shape

Jess Star: infamous shapeshifter of varied antics! (Mostly recently these particular antics, which were both fun and educational.)

Today I'm packing stuff up in prep for Toronto's Fan Expo later this week! Hope to see a bunch of y'all there, Torontonians. I will have NEW STUFF in tow!

-Sam Logan