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Social Hacking, Pt. 1

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Jul 18, 2016

New Volume!

This is it, friends! The most important volume of Sam and Fuzzy's thus far starts in earnest today! It's called Sam and Fuzzy Race to the Bottom, and the first chapter is Social Hacking. I hope you enjoy! It'll be a bit of a rollercoaster.


Things to get! As you may have seen me mention on twitter or tumblr, I am currently doing a big promo on custom art commissions. Meanwhile (somewhat coincidentally), Topatoco is launching two new t-shirts from me today. That's a lot of stuff! Let me summarize:

To help put a dent in recent moving and home repair bills, I've launched a custom character art sale!  Unlike my Sketch-Off sale events, this one isn't limited to Sam and Fuzzy characters (although they are allowed, too!) or a particular theme. Pet portraits, pop culture stars, silly/sexy pin-ups... all my usual specialties, or any other combo of character and costume/scenario you'd like! I know custom art isn't exactly an impulse purchase, but I've posted my sale prices for one and two-character pieces in a variety of sizes and colouring styles, so hopefully there's a range of options for various budgets.

Meanwhile, I have two new shirts available! Business Up Front, Party in the Back is a brand new one starring everyone's favourite Corgi.  (I had a lot of fun with this one.) And Wearwolves is... uh, Wearwolves. This design was technically created primarily by famous intergalactic Earth-humour expert Ambassador Xog. But I helped with the finishing touches, and I'm bringing it with me on the summer convention circuit, so we wanted to have it available in my online store, too.

Sometimes, readers who are keen to support S&F will ask me what "best" way to do it is... if I prefer readers spend their money one way vs another. Here is the truth: I prefer you get things you like! That's why I make so many different kinds of things. Merch, art commissions, Patreon... it is all equally appreciated and all helps me keep this free comics empire rolling.

We return on Wednesday with a new comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan



Jul 15, 2016

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Irrelevant Edition
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"This is a very old, very irrelevant question...but if Sin was working for Graves and took revenge on her for firing him way back in strip 1264, when did he join the Committee? Presumably it was years before that volume, but isn't it established that Committee members don't hit each other's businesses...and why would Sin work for Graves in the first place?" -Ted

Old and irrelevant? The best kind!

Sin and Graves worked on the Fig Pig project together sometime after the collapse of Sin Records... so, sometime in the year-long time lapse between the Noosehead and Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous volumes.

Much as Sam was, Sin is required to maintain a certain level of power and influence in order retain his Committee member status. With Sin Records no longer in his grasp, Sin had to rebuild... and to do that, he needed funding. He agreed to work on Graves' Fig Pig project in exchange for a quick payday.

Graves is one of the members of the Committee who is most willing to bend the rules of Surface Status Quo law in the name of financial gain. As players of the second demo campaign in the Underground RPG (ebook/book) will know, that impulse runs in her family! The goal of the Fig Pig project -- to make adorable little living Fig Pigs to sell aboveground -- definitely crossed a line, and was undertaken in secret. So Sin probably felt safe attacking Graves after she fired him... because he knew she would be unwilling to reveal the nature of the project to the rest of the Committee!

The More You Know!

"So our cop buddy Cooper lost all of her memories after Hart wrapped himself around her head. So would you say that Cooper became a 'women in (the) refrigerator'?" -Tom

Not in the literal sense. It was actually Brain who screwed up Cooper's memories, not Hart! Everyone's favourite appliance-dwelling demon didn't wind up stuck inside Brain until pretty recently.

But in the trope sense of the expression, I think she fits the bill. She's definitely a female supporting character that was substantially harmed pretty much expressly as a plot device intended to drive another character's arc, rather than her own. Sorry, Cooper! But at least that other character is also a lady?

"Are the black and white dots floating around Brain's head (presumably Fridge and Candice) visible in the 'real world'? Or are they something only Brain can see?" -Karen

Not visible! They're really just meant to be symbolic. I thought about skipping a visual form entirely and just writing their dialogue as disembodied text boxes -- ala the dueling internal monologues of Deadpool -- but I thought this would be a little more interesting. I like the idea of them dancing around his head like some sort of insect pests, to emphasize how intrusive Brain feels they are.

That's a wrap for this week, friends... and for this wee prologue! Come back on Monday for our next comic, when we kick off this volume FULL TILT!

-Sam Logan

Jul 13, 2016


Patreon backers current and aspiring: today is the last day to vote for this month's bonus art and pin-up! If you're a backer, you'll find the link in my activity feed. (And If you were thinking of backing, you can in on this month's vote if you do so before Thursday.) The matters being decided this month are very important and involve toasters. Vote responsibly!

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! Got a question you'd like me to answer? Just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!

-Sam Logan