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Crossed Wires, Pt. 24

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Nov 11, 2016


Powering on over here, friends. There's a lot to be worried about, but comics aren't gonna make themselves! Here's one for you now.

I should really have reminded folks earlier, but today is the last day for new or existing Patreon backers to vote for this month's bonus art. This month's other rewards are also available now -- a new issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra for $5+ backers, and a bunch of new art and exclusive pin-up-y stuff in the Art Vaults for $10 folks. Thanks, as always, for your support -- it means a lot.

We return next week, rain or shine, with new comics. See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan

Nov 9, 2016


Wooof. Not feeling very funny right now. Good thing I had a couple comics in the can already.

Hang in there, friends. I'll be back on Friday with a new comic, a new round of reader Q and A and my best attempt at optimism.

-Sam Logan

Nov 7, 2016


Well, Figital McDigits DID say he likes surprises. Surprise!

Art alert: There are still a few of my Sketch-Off originals available, if you're interested! You can see the full gallery of pieces (and spot the ones that haven't been scooped up yet) right over here. If you'd like to nab one, just drop me a line. It's a good option if you're looking to nab some of my original art but don't have the budget for a regular commission.

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic! It's about poultry.

-Sam Logan