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Facial Hair, Pt. 2

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Jan 5, 2004


It barely ever snows in my hometown, but it did this weekend and it is still cold and icy out there. I'm not used to this kind of weather, and let me tell you, at this point I have no desire for that to change. Brr!

I've added one picture each to the gallery and fanart gallery. The gallery pic is the photo of the Fuzzy Jackolantern that I posted on Halloween, but the fanart is something you haven't seen before, and now is the time to remedy that!

Sam Logan

Jan 2, 2004

A box with something in it

I have updated the gallery! There is a metric ton of new stuff in there, both from myself and from the Sam and Fuzzy readers. So check it out.

It's a new year, and several cartoonists have recently posted their top ten (or twenty) favourite CDs of the year. This is something I would really like to do myself, but because I am rambling and defensive, I couldn't do it without writing a ten page editorial discussing each album's merits. So, my list is on hold until I have time for that. You should probably hope that I never do.

Believe it or not, today's strip launches a series that will be running all of next week. I don't know what got into me.

Sam Logan

Dec 31, 2003

Happy new year, it's a cold one, hope you let go of the old one

I've never really used this space to wax philosophical about my personal life, so I probably shouldn't start now. But I have to say, 2003 was on the whole a pretty darn good year for me, and if that was in any way a result of something I actively did, it would probably be a good idea for me to figure out what exactly that was and then try to do it again. Or perhaps write a book about it and sell it to other people.

For me, 2003 will be remembered as the year that this website really took off. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this website something I can keep doing! You guys make me feel like I'm really cool -- a delusion that required no small effort on your part to encourage.

I opened my inbox the other day to find a link to a comic that I thought was pretty neat. Housd is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you are stuck at home or work this new years and need some extra entertaining.

Sam Logan