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Crossed Wires, Pt. 81

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Mar 29, 2017


Today's comic doubles as a little send-off to our special guest star, Pintsize. Huge props to the ever accomodating Jeph Jacques, who was kind enough to let me lift Pintsize -- or at least, his Sam-and-Fuzzy-verse counterpart -- from his regular home over in Questionable Content and use him in this story. Thanks, Jeph!

We return on Friday to put a button on this chapter and get ready for the next one. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Mar 27, 2017


Rexford, as you may recall, is generally impressed with Sam's understanding of Committee philosophy these days.

Kickstarter backers! I posted a special update just for you today, with instructions on how to download your special preview ebook copies of our new books! Just head on over to the Kickstarter site and log into your account for all the deets.

We return on Wednesday with our next comic! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

Mar 24, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Long Edition
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"So... it just occurred to me that Brain and Hart might be named after organs. Assuming this is the case, and given that they ate all the others of their kind, I have a question for them: Were Kidney and Liver delicious?" -Kevin

I dunno, man... have you tried kidney or liver before? *ba-dump TSH*


"I was rereading the archives recently and realized you've been making Sam and Fuzzy for almost 15 years now. That's a long time! And I imagine making it takes up enough time that its hard to work on other things simultaneously. Do you ever wish you could stop and work on something else?" -Mike


I'm fortunate that, in a lot of way, S&F feels like three projects to me. Each of the three major story series -- the Classics, the Noosehead era, and the current saga -- is pretty different in premise, style, and even cast. That has definitely kept things interesting for me. (And hopefully for all of you as well!)


That said, I've been working on our current story arc since 2009, when we kicked off Fix Your Problem. 8 years is a long haul, so certainly, part of me is itching to work on other things things! (And don't be surprised if you see me trying to squeeze in the odd side project to do just that!) At the same time, though, the comics that are running right now and over the next year are some pretty major climactic big-payoff stuff. So as a creator, it's pretty exciting and energizing work! I am really looking forward to bringing it all together -- as much or maybe even more than I am about the story I do next once it all wraps up.


"So, if I have things correct: both Brain and Sam have all but ONE code, and Hazel has only the ONE code that Sam and Brain are missing. Hazel only has the one from Unit 01, right?" -Anthony


You are correct that Sam and Brain each possess all the codes save one (Unit 01's code)! But as for Hazel... well, we'll see how closely she and Brain did or didn't share information in our next chapter!


That's a wrap for this week, friends. See you on Monday with a new comic!


-Sam Logan