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Apr 10, 2017

Old and New

The next chapter of Sam and Fuzzy Race to the Bottom begins today! It kicks off with a slight dip into the past, but if you're anxious to see what happens next in the present storyline, worry not... we'll be headed back to the future before the week is up.

In other news, all of this month's Patreon rewards are up! A new bonus art vote is available for all our backers, a new issue of our monthly e-magazine is out for Extra-level backers, and some spooky comics have been added to the increasingly giant Secret Art Vault. (It now contains more than 1300 files!)

Meanwhile, because folks have asked, I've also introduced a new "Saucy Hippo" reward tier for fans of my pin-up art! In addition to the regular Art Vault, Saucy Hippo backers can access a complete collection of all my pin-up art, including all my Headcanon ebooks and a ton of Patreon-exclusive pieces. Backers will also get at least one monthly bonus piece, and a chance to help pick future pieces. It's pin-up work, so it's a bit more "adult" than my other work, but I think it's a fun mix of comedically silly and earnestly saucy stuff for anyone who's a fan of the genre.

That's a wrap for today, friends. But come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Apr 7, 2017

Baker is a good boy. You can find more comics about him right here!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Shift Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Hi! I was wondering, is the current volume called Sam and Fuzzy Race to the Bottom or Sam and Fuzzy Hit Rock Bottom? The title page says the former, but the archive page and your latest commentary say the latter." -Josh

Thank you for catching this, Josh! "Race to the Bottom" is the correct title. "Hit Rock Bottom" is a title I was considering earlier. I keep forgetting that I came up with a better one! Everything should be corrected to show the same title now, including the archive page.

"If Jess doesn't morph back to her normal form every two hours WILL SHE BE STUCK THAT WAY FOREVER?!?" -Tom


Well, that one was easy.

"Is Jess's human form her 'normal' form? I thought she was originally a giant slug!" -Nicole

Human Jess is her normal form in that it's the form she personally identifies with and prefers to spend her time in. It's also the form she has the most practice holding, which is why she finds it easy and comfortable. She'd only switch to her slug form involuntarily, if she was exposed to sunlight, which is why she and other shapeshifters tend to live in the Underground.

Owners of the Underground RPG (available as a physical book here or a digital PDF here!) will know that we actually translated this into a mechanic for all our shapeshifting slug characters! Because their slug form is to incomprehensibly upsetting for other living things to process, most shapeshifters who leaves their homeland to live elsewhere in the Underground eventually picks a "main" form for themselves. In the game, this is the form they can hold without effort or challenge (provided they are not exposed to sunlight), while adopting other forms or impersonating other people requires a skill check.

The slugs actually avoid their slug forms even at home. Shapeshifter society strongly discourages individuality, and its members are encouraged to live formlessly and only adopt the most basic, nodescript form required to perform whatever task is currently at hand. (Picture a lot of formless blobs and basic geometric shapes.) That's part of why the shifters who leave, like Jess, are generally excited about the idea about discovering a unique form that they feel best represents how the view themselves. (You can learn more about shapeshifters and their socitety in the lore section of the Underground RPG if you are curious!)

OK... that's a wrap for this week. But come back on Monday for our next epic comic extravaganza!

-Sam Logan

Apr 5, 2017


I know you've all been wondering what happened to President Dog ever since we left him in electoral turmoil. Here's an update on how things are going under the new regime.

We return on Friday with a new comic featuring more surprise guests, and a new round of Q and A to boot! If you've got a question for me, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line or tweet it my way.

-Sam Logan