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Jan 23, 2004

Goods and services

Those of you who haven't read through much of the Sam and Fuzzy archives probably won't be familiar with Alexa. If you've got some time on your hands now, you might want to check out these two past storylines. But if you're just looking for the cliff notes version, Alexa and Sam used to date, and they haven't seen one another since Sam walked out on her. As for those of you who have already familiar with Alexa... you did remember that she worked at the bookstore, right?

Response to the I'm Communism t-shirt has been phenomenal. I'm glad you guys like it so much!

Sam Logan

Jan 21, 2004

In theory

The I'm Communism shirts are now available for sale! Those of you who wrote in to tell me that you really, really wanted to buy one can do so now.


Sam Logan

Jan 19, 2004

Yeah no woo all right come on let's go guitar solo

I hope you all enjoy Carlyle strips as much as I do!

After opening my inbox and finding about five-billion positive emails about Friday's shirt proposition, I have gone ahead and unleashed the "I'm Communism" shirt onto a (mostly) unsuspecting world. I am just confirming the final details with my shirt printer -- barring any kind of unmitigated disaster, you will be able to order the t-shirts, babydoll t-shirts and hoodies by Wednesday.


Sam Logan