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Unconscionable, Pt. 12

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Jun 1, 2018

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  No Questions About Carlyle Until Next Week Edition
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"At the moment, there are 685.5 book pages of content (I counted) released for Race to the Bottom, and there's still a ways to go before the conclusion, which could easily push it to over 800 or even 900 pages. At the moment, the longest Sam&Fuzzy book in print is the Omnibus collection of Under the Influence and Ruined Everything, with a total of 808 pages. Is there a chance that Race to the Bottom could need to be split into two books due to length?" -Dawson

I don't think so! The longest book so far though is actually the Noosehead Omnibus.. it's 848 pages! So it'd take over a year of additional S&F comics to get to that level. If I did need to split it though, I would. I'd probably make a little companion art book, and put some of the extra side stories -- like this Conscience Cat one -- in it to get the count down.

That said... I'm not sure what you included in your count, but quite a few of the comics I've posted between Race to the Bottom's chapters are actually being collected in the VOTE DOG book I'm kickstarting right now, rather than the next Sam and Fuzzy book. All the President Dog stuff, the Baker the Corgi comics, the more recent Butcher or Buddy one offs... if it's pet related and it's not in a book yet, it's going in VOTE DOG.

That will help keep S&F Vol. 6's length under control! And it also lets me make a rad book of animal comics that has almost no overlap with the S&F books. (So if you like those comics, be sure to check out the kickstarter... because that's where they are all going!)

"I just finished reading through the archive (got to have everything fresh in my mind for the ending) and I wondered, how precisely do you remember it all?

Also, it was really interesting to read all of the newsposts from the last 16 years , I worry that if ever I get the books I will miss the website format, and the view into the creation process that it gives. I hope you can preserve that for posterity. Also also, do you have any snapshots of the site as it looked in the early days?" -Thomas

I spend way more time than the average person thinking about Sam and Fuzzy! An individual page that takes you a few seconds to read takes me hours to make, after all, so it burns in there pretty good. That said, I forget stuff all the time! But when I do, I can just look it up. Ha!


I definitely plan to keep the website up for posterity! We are currently on the 5th design of the Sam and Fuzzy site... here's a look at the previous four. (Click the image for full-sized versions!)


We've come a long way! The 4th version was the one used for the longest period of time, and also the one where I started introducing colour elements in places. (Although there aren't any colour bits in the particular screenshot I chose.)

"A million questions about Carlyle" -Everyone

No Carlyle questions til next week! See you on Monday, team! ;)


-Sam Logan

May 30, 2018

There's one in every crowd

Today, I'm working on the back cover art for Vote Dog! (Which is currently 60% funded on Kickstarter!) As you can see, President Dog is in need of an audience, so that's what I'll be drawing. But for a little extra fun... I'll be adding one extra dog, cat, or other animal to the crowd for every person who backs the Kickstarter today, based on backer suggestions!

All backers, old and new, are welcome to suggest crowd members: either particular types/breed of animals, or a particular outfit/costume for one. You can do so in the comments field of our most recent Kickstarter update!  I'll start drawing today, and post updates on twitter as I go. We did a similar thing with my last Kickstarter (with Buddy Bots instead of animals) and it was a lot of fun.

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A. See you then, y'all!

-Sam Logan

May 28, 2018

VOTE DOG (and Cat, and Cabbie)

Thanks for all the kind (and occasionally deeply concerned) words thus far about Unconscionable! It's a very small story compared to some of our more recent epics -- it wraps next week, if you were wondering -- but I think it goes some surprising places right up until the ending, which I'm very fond of. That's all I'll say 'til it's done!

In other news, the VOTE DOG Kickstarter is in full swing! I heartily encourage you to check it out... it's a really fun book and I would be thrilled to make it. (It's also a chance to nab some good deals on previous Sam and Fuzzy books... particularly the hardcover sets in the Librarian and Completionist tiers.)

I'm going to be posting a lot of critter-based comics on the Kickstarter page and social media as the campaign goes on, to help give everyone a feel for what will be inside. I actually drew an extra little goofy one this weekend, after getting my 700th email about a service updating their Privacy Policy, so I thought I'd share it here:

You'll be able to learn more about the book on the campaign page. Thanks to everyone who helps support the project, and/or who can help spread the word. Woo!

-Sam Logan