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Performance Anxiety, Pt. 2

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Mar 3, 2004

My pen is a pistola

My I'm Communism t-shirt has arrived, and boy, have I gotten some strange looks while wearing it. Not looks of shock or offense, mind you, but of utter confusion.

I believe these gazing folks are trying to figure out exactly what statement the shirt is trying to make. But of course, one could spend months, or even years contemplating the I'm Communism phrase and accompanying image before they truly appreciate the many layers of metaphorical overtones and symbolic significance.

Sam Logan

Mar 1, 2004

Hello!? I'm trying to focus

Today we embark on a brave new storyline. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh and cry. Simultaneously. IN SPACE.

Erik McCurdy of It's All Been Done and Didn't Think This Through has been working on another webcomic the past little while. It's called Banish Ed, and it has gotten off to a solid start! I've also really been enjoying Martin's Misdirection, which I found by way of Erik's site. Check 'em both out!

Sam Logan

Feb 27, 2004

Self-aware screaming

As an extra bonus for today's update, here is the first picture of the entire Noosehead band that I have ever posted online. Just click the image to see the full sized version!

There are thirteen members in the band, including the piece of looseleaf paper, and they all perform very important musical functions. For example, that guy in the back sitting on the speaker is creating mic feedback.

I have been getting a lot of emails lately asking where I got the PHP coding used to power the Sam and Fuzzy archive. Well, like basically everything on this website, the archive was programed by my good buddy Ashton, who has since made his Kamikaze Comic Manager script available to download for free on his website. Be sure to thank him if you use it!

Sam Logan