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Performance Anxiety, Pt. 5

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Mar 10, 2004

Hours of creative fun

Where does that "dum dum duuuum" thing come from? Was that exact musical interlude ever used in an actual movie? Maybe it is one of those weird pop culture imaginings, like "Play it again, Sam," or, "Alas poor Yorrick, I knew him well," or, "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a gosh darn heck."

Somebody needs to worry about these things, and since the Department of Asinine Suppositions is overloaded already, I pass the buck onto you all.

Sam Logan

Mar 8, 2004

Jimmy, what's your vote?

A bunch of people have been asking me to bring back the I'm Communism shirt, so in response... I'm bringing back the I'm Communism shirt. It will be available for two weeks, starting on Monday, March 15th. If you would like to buy one and don't have a Paypal account set up, now would be a good time to get one! (Last time, some folks had difficulty getting their accounts active in time to order.)

I have just picked up the latest album from The Living End, and as usual, it is solid stuff from start to finish. The Living End are about to go on a North American tour playing alongside another of my favourite Aussie bands, Jet -- that's gonna be a hell of a show!

Rock and roll, my friends, is bitchin'. Play that bitchin' guitar!

Sam Logan

Mar 5, 2004

Has anyone not recieved their I'm Communsism shirt yet? If you haven't, please email me and let me know!

Two glass eyes

Lucasarts has decided to stop production on Sam and Max 2! There are many theories about why the game was canceled. Acting General Manager Mike Nelson suggests that it was because it is "not the appropriate time to launch a graphic adventure on the PC," while I suggest it is because the Lucasarts managers are a bunch of slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging scum-suckers.

Had the game been released, the book collection of Steve Purcell's Sam and Max comics would likely have been re-released as well. Now, it looks as though we will be getting neither. If you're a fan like I am, I suggest you do what this guy is doing, and write the folks at Lucasarts a stern email that explains, in the most polite way possible, why they are a bunch of morons.

Sam Logan