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Performance Anxiety, Pt. 7

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Mar 15, 2004

Always up to no good

As promised, the I'm Communism shirts are back. Kurt did a bang up job with these, and this time, I've got the photos to prove it. More images (in colour) in the shop!

Tycho's rant today is the funniest damn thing I've read in weeks. Ironically, it's usually the things on that site that aren't game-related that I find the most amusing.

They're orange, right? I mean, that would make sense.

Sam Logan

Mar 12, 2004

One said to the other, you'll never find another

For those of you who are still upset about the cancelation of the sequel to Sam and Max, I am obliged to direct you to this website. I don't think there is much hope that the game will be revived, but at least this site may help you focus your disorganized rage into tightly focused packets.

Speaking of old-school games, which I sort of was... you can't get much more old school than Physm. Crafted by a Sam and Fuzzy reader, this game is entirely text-based. Remember text-based games? Open door. Take fork. Eat clothes.

I'm Communism shirts return on Monday!

Sam Logan

Mar 10, 2004

Hours of creative fun

Where does that "dum dum duuuum" thing come from? Was that exact musical interlude ever used in an actual movie? Maybe it is one of those weird pop culture imaginings, like "Play it again, Sam," or, "Alas poor Yorrick, I knew him well," or, "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a gosh darn heck."

Somebody needs to worry about these things, and since the Department of Asinine Suppositions is overloaded already, I pass the buck onto you all.

Sam Logan