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Jan 4, 2019

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Colour Edition
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"You draw so much color now... shivers... What happened to the good ol' days when S&F had stark contrast and proud of it? The days when "hues" were swept under the rug to be forgotten? Now it's red this, blue that, and light grays toning everything down like it's afraid the prismatic demons will find it." -Lemma

Haha! I always enjoy working in black and white. I think it has a really distinct look, and distinct strengths that I try to take advantage of in Sam and Fuzzy.But I also like working in colour! And since the main comic is not in colour, I enjoy using it elsewhere when I can.

As a side note... you might be surprised by how hard it can be to get people to read a black-and-white comic in this day and age! There have been countless times I've seen a con attendee pick up one of my books out of curiosity, open it up just long enough to see it's in black and white, and then immediately put it down in disappointment and move on to something else. Generally speaking, the only people who get really enthused about it as a stylistic decision are people who come from a background of manga and/or indie stuff... people who are used to the look. I think other people just see it as a sign that something is low budget, and therefore less likely to be good.

Which is sad, because I really like black and white comics! Like, I'm definitely one of those people who'd always prefer to read the b&w verion of Bone than the colour one. But in this day of cheap colour printing and the "free" colour of digital comics, it's kind of a niche audience decision, for sure.

"This current storyline with the tar and the Ninja Mafia empire has been a long time in the making and executed very well. Now that everything is all coming to a head, do you already have plans for an entirely new storyline? Any plans to return to more silly, shocking Fuzzy gags? I just re-read the one where Fuzzy punches the reporter in the face to get Nic's demos back, only to say that *not* punching her would have been sexist. I almost forgot just how absurd Fuzzy's humor could be (in a good way!)" -Ryan

Haha! Well, I guess I actually managed to do a couple of those kind of Fuzzy gags during this holiday break! I hope you enjoyed 'em.

I still haven't decided exactly what I'll do once this big story is finished! It'll be the end of the current S&F saga -- one that began way back in 2009 with Fix Your Problem. Once it's done, I'll most likely take a break from "big" stuff for a bit and focus on smaller things and gag strips. But I'm not sure which characters I'd like to use for that. We'll see!

"Is the Ninja Mafia a product of the tar? Unlike the rest of the council, they do not seem to have anything particularly supernatural about them, but things don't have to be supernatural to have been from the imagination. They have recruited members from the human world (Aaron and Candice among others), but their presence is as confusing to humans as everything else. Maybe their origin and special members like original Emporers and Blankfaces came from the tar, but the numbers have been diluted over time. This then leads to another question: how many current ninjas are safe from the tar?" -Kyle

There are actually quite a few factions of the Committee that aren't inhuman or supernatural in some way! Many of the members are just the human leaders of important surface organizations or companies. (Although some of them, like former member Natalie Graves, have worked with inhumans like Mr Sin to do some weird stuff.)

I think the Ninja Mafia is one of the many criminal organizations that took advantage of the creation of the Underground to operate beyond the eye of traditional human society. So while I don't think they come from the tar directly, they have benefited from the secret "second world" that was created as a result of it. There are also certainly some rank and file ninja mafiosos who are inhuman, both historically and currently.

That's a wrap for this week, team. Come back on Monday, when we dive back into our current big story!

-Sam Logan

Jan 2, 2019


Today's update is one of the many, many extra comics I drew for the Vote Dog book! (Which should be shipping out to Kickstarter backers this month, hooray!) I had fun with the colouring on this one.

I hope you've enjoyed these stand-alone strips! It's always nice to take a little break from the "saga" and run some different sorts of things for the holidays. But I'm sure you're all itching for me to lunge back into the big story, and it's almost time! I haven't decided whether I'll jump right back in for Friday, or if I have one more stand-alone strip in me. But either way, they'll be a new comic here Friday, and a return back into the climactic pit mania shortly! See you soon.

-Sam Logan

Dec 31, 2018


Wow, can you believe it's already the last day of 2018? Ha ha, just kidding! It's gonna be 2018 forever.

Come back on Wednesday (aka Frambuary 2nd) for our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan