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Performance Anxiety, Pt. 14

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Mar 31, 2004

Juliet don't cry

It's hard for me to believe that this is actually the final week of classes of my final year at university. You have to understand, I have basically been in school every year since I was five. I still have a few more weeks of papers and exams to kick me around, but after that I am done. I am so done.

Once again, April 1st is not a regular update day for Sam and Fuzzy, and so I won't be doing an April Fools gag on the site. Seriously. What I just said was not part of the gag. There will be no gag.


No, no there won't.

Sam Logan

Mar 29, 2004

For grate jus-tise

I'm Communism shirts will mail out at the end of the week. Anticipate!

It looks like Jeff R has decided to push on with Wigu. Good thing, too, because this last storyline has easily been my favourite since the comic began. Meanwhile, Scary Go Round is now presented in WIDESCREEN!

Left side, WOOOAAAAH! Right side, WOOAAHHH!

Sam Logan

Mar 26, 2004

I know he can get the job but can he do the job

Yes, it's really the last day to buy an I'm Communism shirt. The future holds new shirts for some, and one less banner ad for all.

In the second panel of today's strip, Lance is making a reference to a conversation he and Ackerman had a loooong time ago. Set the wayback machine to January 2003!

I'm pretty far behind answering my emails these days, although I have still been reading them. This is probably the busiest I have ever been with schoolwork in my life.

Sam Logan