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Brain Damage, Pt. 80

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Jul 3, 2019

Omnibus Sale Ends on Monday

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q&A! (As always, if you've got a question you'd like answered, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!)

I have heard the official word: our BIG SALE on S&F Omnibuses and Vote Dog books ends on Monday, July 8th! So, if you'd like to score some Sam and Fuzzy (or Vote Dog) books at their lowest ever prices... you've got six more days!

S&F Omnibus 1 & 2 is 60% off!
(Collects the complete "prequel" Classic and Noosehead series... the first seven years of the comic!)

S&F Omnibus 3 & 4 is 50% off!
(Collects Volume 1-4 of the current series)

S&F Omnibus 5 (or softcover Vol 5) is 25% off!
(Collects Volume 5 of the current series)

And Vote Dog is 10% off!
(Collects all my dog and cat comics, including a bunch of new ones!)

Books! Enjoy them!

-Sam Logan

Jul 1, 2019

Oh, Canada

It's that time of year again. Happy Canada Day, from me, Mac, and Dipper!

We return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jun 28, 2019

Under the Sea

Whew! It has been a crazy week my friends... one that has unfortunately been monopolized by a very disruptive (and incredibly expensive, augh) car repair. So, I'm going to go a little easy on myself today and save the Q and A for next week.

But here's something else fun for you! I know this part of the story has been very serious and dramatic, so to help fill our silliness quota, here's a drawing of Rexford as a mermaid. (Which I drew for Patreon last month.)

-Sam Logan