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Apr 7, 2004

Link fill up your hearts

Scary Go Round has returned after a mild case of server explosion. Four out of five experts agree that server explosion is the number one cause of hair loss among webcartoonists.

One of my favourite webcomics, Girly, just turned one-year-old yesterday. If you haven't already read Girly, now is a good time to head over and catch up on a year's worth of awesome.

Speaking of anniversaries, Sam and Fuzzy is approaching its two-year in about a month-and-a-half. I don't have anything special planned comic-wise, but we could always sacrafice some sort of animal to the dark lord Atheia.

Sam Logan

Apr 5, 2004

He's going for speed

I went to a "grad party" up at the University of Victoria this weekend. It was really cool to see so many familiar faces from the last four years of my life! But once I got home I realized that most of those people are going to be moving away and I won't be seeing them again.

I guess until this weekend I hadn't really thought about how many people would be disappearing from my life at the end of this school year. After awhile, you get so used to spending every day with ten thousand other people your age that its hard to think of what life would be without them, working someplace with only a couple dozen regular faces, or in my case, working at home by myself! I'll have to make sure I go out a lot, or I'm liable to become some kind of hermit man.

Sam Logan

Apr 2, 2004

Fooled you

I know many of you aren't accustomed to visiting my site on Thursdays, but anyone who did met with this travesty. Yes indeed, it was an April Fools joke. I know I specifically said on Wednesday that I wasn't going to do one, but that was part of the April Fools joke too! Only, I said it in March, so really, it was just a horrible, horrible lie.

Well, that winds up another storyline. We move on to new things next week. And no, Sam and Fuzzy will not be switching bodies.

Sam Logan