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Cult Classic, Pt. 4

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Jan 20, 2020


Today's comic features not only everyone's favourite conspiracy theorist Malcolm, but also rarely seen Noosehead member Flick! (And also Ox, although sadly, his handful of earliest appearances don't appear in that list of convenient links because I didn't tag 'em at the time!)Do you need all of their previous appearances if you haven't already? Absolutely not! But hey, who doesn't want to read more comics?

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Jan 17, 2020

 Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Where is the Book Edition
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"Now that the big arc is done and you're giving other characters their time in the spotlight, when are you going to make the canine heist story 'Baker's Dozen'?" -James

Why didn't I think of that?!? If any cartoonist is qualified for that story, it's me!

"When are we gonna kickstart that last Sam and Fuzzy book? My body (and wallet) are ready, Sam!" -Chris

Soon! I actually just finished assembling the main interior layouts, so that I could determine the final page count and get a quote from the printers.

But speaking of which... it turns out that in book form, Sam and Fuzzy Race to the Bottom wound up being just over 1050 pages long. Which means, yes... the final Sam and Fuzzy book will, in fact, actually be a set of two books.

So bonus points for previous Q&A asker Dawson, who predicted this might happen in June of 2018. Back then, I was so sure it would only be one book! But I also didn't think it would be longer than 850 pages. Shows what I know!

In the end, though, I think it will be for the best! As a set of two 560-600 page books, there will be space for the full story, as well as the "Crisis of Conscience" side story and other extra bonus features. And at that length, each book will be similar in length to the previous Sam and Fuzzy print collection, "Missing Inaction", which I think was a really nice, comfortable reading size.

It does, however, mean I have to draw twice as much cover art. So I'd better get cracking on that!

"By any chance, will the 'real shoot' from  'Cult Classic, Pt. 2' be showing up on your Patreon in the near future?" -T

Haha! It wasn't intended as a teaser or anything. Not to spoil anything, but story is partly about artists exploring new projects. Tats is still in the early stages of figuring out what he wants his photography side-project to be -- which is why he's currently workshopping it in a hotel room with his girlfriend, beach balls and dental floss. Who's to say the final project won't wind up being something completely different by the time it's finished? (Or if it even will be finished! No spoilers!)

As a side note, I should probably say: I actually don't think I'd ever include obvious set-up lines or teasers for Patreon-exclusive stuff in the main comic. I just feel like... that would be really annoying, haha!

I'm sure Tats and Nicole will show up in future Saucy Hippo Patreon stuff -- a story about them called "Spooky Suggestions" actually just finished running on there -- but generally speaking, I write those comics to build off the events of the main story, rather than the other way around. They're a fun bonus for people who like sexy stories and art, but they shouldn't ever feel like missing pieces from the regular comic. Make sense?

That's a wrap for this week! But come back on Monday for part four of Cult Classic!

-Sam Logan


Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Sitcom Edition
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Jan 15, 2020

What it means

Cult Classic continues! The "look" of this story is closer to "regular" Sam and Fuzzy than Jess Star's Christmas Miracle was, but I'm still experimenting with some new things. Did you notice?

We return on Friday with a new comic and a fresh round of Reader Q and A! As always, if you've got a question for me -- about Sam and Fuzzy, my other comics, my Patreon stuff, or whatever else -- just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!

-Sam Logan