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Parking Injustice

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May 10, 2004

Ready to rock if you wanna roll, please step away from the vehicle

Over at Comixpedia (warning... this month's title graphic approaches being Not Safe For Work) this month is an interview with Dan Piraro. Piraro draws Bizarro, which is the basically the best thing you'll ever find in a newspaper.

Unless, you know, someone put some money in there. BLING BLING BLANG BLONG I dunno.

Sam Logan

May 7, 2004

Stricken from the record and deemed inadmissable

Sam doesn't mention it in today's strip, but readers who have good memories (or the motor skills necessary to click a mouse) will remember the name of the woman he is talking to from her only previous appearance.

After hours of toil and deliberation, I have managed to make a mix CD. That guy from High Fidelity has got nothing on me. It's all about the transitions, man. Does this song start with a drum riff similar to the ending of the previous song? Is this song a similar style to the last, but slightly faster? Or is it slower, but in the same key? Is it time to go for the extreme contrast transition, jumping from a slow quiet song to a loud fast one? Or has that been overused?

I have a problem. I also, however, have a mix CD. I was going for a generally up-tempo pop-rock mix with occasional injections of other music styles to stop it from getting too monotonous. This is what I wound up with. Am I the first person ever to follow up a song by Converge with a song by ELO? That would be neat.

Sam Logan

May 5, 2004

The postman hangs on oh so tight

The Employability storyline ends on Friday. I think I have sufficiently alienated any new readers who are unfamiliar with Sam and Alexa's relationship, break-up and vague reconciliation. Good thing the archives are free, eh?

I feel like I've been a bit of a plug-machine lately, but there seem to be a lot of webcomics in need of talking about these days. Congratulations to Dayfree drone VG Cats for hitting the big 1-0-0 this week. Also, congrtulations to Pihakwa for being crazy.

Just look at the stuff in the artist's gallery. Those creatures are great! I swear I have tried to draw exactly those kinds of things before, myself. But mine were bad. Too bad to display. Even on the internet.

Sam Logan