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May 17, 2021


Hello, pals! Thanks for all the kind wishes as I've been dealing with some health stuff. I am still a little worn out, but I'm definitely feeling a lot better.

Anyhoo, picking up where' Friday's comic left off, here are a few more Q&A questions with the S&F cast! The first three questions were originally drawn as a bonus for Patreon. The fourth one is brand new! Baker is always looking for a soap box for his outrageous political views.

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

May 14, 2021

Lending a hand

Hoo boy, team! It has been kind of a rough week on the health front. What is up with these stupid meat bodies, am I right? Let me know when I can sign up for a robot one.

Anyway, I'll be ok! But I've gotta take it easy for a bit.   So for today's programming, let's briefly pause our current story for this a silly bonus comic I drew for Patreon a couple of months back. (Aaron, as long-time readers and completionists will know, has trouble keeping his hands to himself.)

And speaking of Patreon... a big thank you for all the new sign-ups this week! And of course, thank you to all my existing supporters, too. You've all been a big source of cheer in what has otherwise been a very dumb week. Cheers, and see you next week for our next comics!

-Sam Logan

May 12, 2021

May Patreon Stuff!

A new month of rewards are out on my Patreon! There's a new bonus comic for everyone, and new behind-the-scenes features and bonus art for Extra and Art Vault backers. And for folks on the Saucy Hippo tier (18+), I just finished the latest new chapter of our ongoing nsfw comic, as well as some new pin-ups. For more info, just check out the patreon page.

-Sam Logan