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Self-Review, Pt. 7

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Oct 18, 2021

Don't say that!

Ackerman's growing internal conflict about whether Sam needs support or tough love winds up coming to a head in the mega-important Performance Anxiety story -- the story that introduces the Ninja Mafia and ends Sam's career as a taxi driver for good. So, it was fun to give those themes a smidge of extra setup in this retroactive intro story.

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-Sam Logan

Oct 15, 2021

A bone to pick

Mr. Ackerman's original design -- which I did my best to recreate accurately in this story -- always reminds me of how much I was into Bone back when Sam and Fuzzy first started. Ackerman's general body proportions were definitely inspired by Lucius, as best as I could recreate them in my own art style. (And of course, Fuzzy's eyebrows were inspired by the Bone characters!)

The Bone series is one of my all time favourite comics, and the final two volumes were released while I was working on the first two years of S&F. So it was very much at the forefront of my mind at the time.

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-Sam Logan

Oct 13, 2021

Professional Attire

It's Lance! Is Lance the only character in S&F who is a canonical smoker? I honestly don't remember.

I like how this comic pokes fun at Sam's old-fashioned-cartoon-character gloves... something that would only seem weirder and weirder as my art style evolved. (Which is why he eventually lost 'em!)

In other news, I've drawn a few more new inked drawings! I've been posting them to my twitter... here's the most recent ones:

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-Sam Logan