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Steamy Suggestion, Pt. 3

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Nov 8, 2021


Steamy Suggestion continues today with more of Dev's trademark blend of anxiety and creativity. These comics originally ran as part of a bigger ongoing Saucy Hippo comic series on my Patreon back in 2019, and have been lightly shuffled and remixed so I could share them as a fun little short story with y'all here.

Speaking of said Patreon, a new month's worth of rewards are up now! On the SFW side, there's a new bonus comic for all backers, and a bunch of new behind-the-scenes features and art for S&F Extra and Art Vault tier backers! And on the NSFW end, there now over 380 illustrations and comics in the Saucy Hippo Vault, including a bunch of new pin-ups and three new pages of our increasingly bananas Gert & Sam comic. Thanks for your support, everyone!

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Nov 5, 2021

EDIT: Sorry for the late comic today! It was all queued up, but for some reason it just... didn't post! Eesh.

Teepublic Shirt Sale! $13 shirts!

I guess it's actually been a long friggin' time since we saw Carlos and Kendall, Dev's former fellow Ninja Mafiosos. In case you were wondering, they do indeed both still work for the ninjas... or "Dupont Security Personnel", as Gert calls them now.

Meanwhile: Teepublic is having another sale! Until November 6th, all my classic t-shirt reprints in my TeePublic store are only $13! You're also able to get the designs on other kinds of shirts, as well as products like totes and phone cases. Woo!

That's all for today, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Nov 3, 2021

Fever Dream

Starting today: Steamy Suggestion, a little Dev-focused digresion that takes place shortly after Game Night!

Like Game Night, this story originally appeared as part of the exclusive ongoing Saucy Hippo comic series that I publish on my Patreon. That series is mainly focused on NSFW stories and art, but these particular comics were mostly PG... and also contain a minor plot development that I want to reference in a future story. So, like Game Night, I decided to lightly "remix" these comics so I could share 'em all with you here! 

Come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan