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Bats On, Bats Off Pt. 35

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Apr 6, 2022


Today, we return to Bats On, Bats Off... picking up where we left off last week.

At this point in the story, Cynthia is recalling the time when Inhumans still lived primarily underground, in secret cities hidden from humans and managed (mostly) by crooks and other shady types. This was how things were for hundreds of years -- and for nearly the entire run of Sam and Fuzzy, as longtime readers will know! 

It was only after the events of the final volumes of the series that the Underground was exposed, and inhumans began living openly in human society. (Although vampires were revealed a little earlier than everyone else.) In the context of our current stories, it has only been a year or so since inhumans went fully public.

Anyhow, come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Apr 4, 2022


I took some time off the last few days to visit family, so I thought I'd run a little more alternative programming today before returning to Bats On on Wednesday! This strip was originally a Patreon bonus comic I ran a couple of months ago. (And no, you could not actually pay extra to uncensor it. Some things could just never live up to the hype!)

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Apr 1, 2022

Omnibus Sale ends today!

Today: a brief pause for some foolish nonsense. Bark bark!

Meanwhile... it is upon us! The big sale we've been having on my S&F omnibus collections wraps today. So if you'd like to score some of our big book collections or complete series sets, have at it!

We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan