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Sven and Fluffy and Reboot

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Mar 31, 2023

Celebrity Skulls

It's (nearly) April Fools time... which is always the best time to revisit Sven and Fluffy! For those who don't know, these two were created long ago, when I replaced this website with a Sven and Fluffy one for an April Fools Day prank.

Or so you thought! Now you know the truth... Sven and Fluffy came first, and Sam and Fuzzy is just one very ellaborate reboot. You learn something new every day!

See y'all on Monday, team.


Mar 29, 2023

Pick it up

Fuzzy inherits his love of ska from me. What can I say? Everything is enhanced by a horn section. Everything.

See y'all on Friday for our next comic!


Mar 27, 2023

Two sheets to the wind

And that's the whole gang! I hope you enjoyed this look at the "classic" Noosehead line-up.

Of course, as many of you will already know, the CURRENT Noosehead line-up no longer includes Sidney, with Nicole stepping up to take over lead vocals. With Sidney gone, you may ask yourself who they added to the band in order to maintain their contractually obligated 13 members! The answer is: a second sheet of paper.

See y'all on Wednesday!