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Sep 20, 2023


I guess this is why a lot of fictional vampires have fangs that can grow and shrink as needed! But of course, Cynthia is a real vampire, not a fictional one. OBVIOUSLY.

See you on Friday, team!


Sep 18, 2023

September Patreon Rewards Out Now!

I forgot to mention it earlier, but as always, this month brought a big batch of new bonus material for my Patreon supporters!

This month, I drew a fun Barbie-themed piece for all backers... I'm really happy with how it turned out! Extra and Art Vault tier backers get a bunch of other bonus art, too. And for fans of my nsfw stories, there are four(!) brand new pages of our Dev-and-X focused chapter up on the Saucy Hippo tier. Woo!

See y'all on Wednesday, team!


Sep 15, 2023

Ergo alter ego

Is this an excuse to post drawings of the crew in super hero costumes? What? No, you're transparent!

OK, ok... as all you longtime readers will have surely figured out by now, I do like dressing up my crew in costumes. I'll be doing plenty of it this Halloween season, as is tradition around here!

But anyhoo, that's all for this week, team. See you on Monday with our next comic!