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Q and A: Conscience Check

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Sep 22, 2023

Lie is bad

I do not anticipate a robust merchandise line for Conscience Lobster. (Sorry, little buddy.)

We return on Monday with our next comic! See you then, team.


Sep 20, 2023


I guess this is why a lot of fictional vampires have fangs that can grow and shrink as needed! But of course, Cynthia is a real vampire, not a fictional one. OBVIOUSLY.

See you on Friday, team!


Sep 18, 2023

September Patreon Rewards Out Now!

I forgot to mention it earlier, but as always, this month brought a big batch of new bonus material for my Patreon supporters!

This month, I drew a fun Barbie-themed piece for all backers... I'm really happy with how it turned out! Extra and Art Vault tier backers get a bunch of other bonus art, too. And for fans of my nsfw stories, there are four(!) brand new pages of our Dev-and-X focused chapter up on the Saucy Hippo tier. Woo!

See y'all on Wednesday, team!