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Baker and Jack

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Nov 3, 2023

Jack's back

I'm not quite ready to let go of Halloween, so in that spirit, here is a classic Baker gag! I am pretty sure it has never appeared here in its remastered form... I think the colour really adds a lot to the overall gag.

I hope you all are having a great November! You can tune in back here on Monday for our next comic, which I promise is not about Halloween. (Haha!) See you then, team.


Nov 1, 2023

Digits is his last name

It's OK, Fidgital. I find them hard to draw, too.

We return on Friday with our next comic. See you then, y'all!


Oct 30, 2023

Die Hard with an Xmas

Fidgital is still figuring out human holidays. But he's giving it his best shot!

That's all for today, my friends! But we will return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!