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Nov 24, 2023


Happy Black Friday! We are, of course, already in the middle of our biggest book sale ever... 50% off all the Sam and Fuzzy books! But said sale is wrapping up at the end of the month. So if you are in the mood to consume on this, the most consume-y day of the year, we've got you covered!

We return on (cyber) Monday... not only with our next comic, but with this year's original art sale! See you then, team.



Nov 22, 2023


The weirdest part? It was a Q&A test.

We return on Friday with our next comic. See you then!


Nov 20, 2023

He's a real doctor

His methods may be controversial, but you can't deny the positive impact he's had on the economy for the local theater community.

A reminder to anyone interested... our 50% off Sam and Fuzzy book sale is wrapping up at the end of this month! It's the biggest sale we've ever had, and I'm thrilled a bunch of you have taken advantage of it, but alas, all good sales must come to an end. So if you wanna nab 'em, get 'em while the getting's good!

I hope your week is off to a good start! I will, of course, be back here on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!