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Real Elf

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Dec 6, 2023

Ho ho no

RIP to a real one.

I'm not sure where Ruby is getting her info, but I think we all know the real S&F universe Santa Clause is doing just fine. Thank goodness!

See you on Friday, team.


Dec 4, 2023

Signature Drink

Weirdly, she didn't have a problem with the BBQ sauce.

This year's Original Art Sale continues! And while we've already sold a bunch of pieces, I've still got a whole bunch of cool ones available. Just check out the gallery to see 'em all! If you see anything that interests you, just drop me a line at [email protected]. For a limited time, I'm offering discounts for folks who buy multiple pieces, and there's still time to get 'em before Christmas if that's a factor.

We return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then, team!


Dec 1, 2023

Pins and Needles

Depending on who you are, you may have just learned about five-pin bowling. Or 15-point VGA cables. Or possibly even 10-pin bowling, if you're very sheltered. But I promise they're all real.

Meanwhile, my big Art Sale continues! Quite a few pieces have already been scooped up, but there's still lots of cool stuff in there if you're interested! (Or if you'd just like to look at a bunch of fun art.)

I feel like I should point out the addition of one extra piece... Hornet from Hollow Knight. This one had been scooped up, but the buyer decided to swap it for a different one instead, so it's up for grabs again. Woo!

See you on Monday with our next comic, team!