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Mouse, Pt. 2

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Jan 8, 2024

Sad trombone

Poor Trevor. He had great tone, though!

I'll be back on Wednesday with our next comic, friends. See you then!


Jan 5, 2024


I'm sure by now you have heard plenty about Steamboat Willie entering the public domain. I don't think this comic actually needs a public domain Steamboat Willie to be legal -- because it is a parody -- but it does need a public domain Steamboat Willie for the joke to make any sense. Tada!

We are all busy getting healthy over here at the Logan household! But I hope you enjoyed this nonsense. I will see you on Monday with our next comic!


Jan 3, 2024


I hope those instructions are in there! I don't think Bonus is going to be able to get his $2 back.

Still healing over here, team, but things are improving! See you on Friday. :)