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Jan 5, 2024


I'm sure by now you have heard plenty about Steamboat Willie entering the public domain. I don't think this comic actually needs a public domain Steamboat Willie to be legal -- because it is a parody -- but it does need a public domain Steamboat Willie for the joke to make any sense. Tada!

We are all busy getting healthy over here at the Logan household! But I hope you enjoyed this nonsense. I will see you on Monday with our next comic!


Jan 3, 2024


I hope those instructions are in there! I don't think Bonus is going to be able to get his $2 back.

Still healing over here, team, but things are improving! See you on Friday. :)


Jan 1, 2024

Happy New Year, fronds! I hope you are managing to celebrate somehow, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances.

Here's a little new years greeting for you, drawn with extra accuracy by a 100% authentic sick person. Things are improving over here, but I am opperating at about 50% of my usual energy and aiming to get lots of extra rest! So we'll see what I come up with to run on here while I am on the mend. (I have been having a lot of fun sketching things on my ipad!)

See you on Wednesday with... something!