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Jan 15, 2024

Cross posting

This comic is defintiely coming from a personal place... especially as a guy who has two accounts to run on some platforms. Personally, my fav service to actually use is probably Blue Sky... because it's got a chronological feed, and because a lot of my pals and peers use it. Still waiting for it to actually go public, though. (Email me if you want an invite!)

In other news, I just wanted to mention that I fixed Friday's comic, which i accidentally uploaded in an overly pixelized, grainy looking form. (Whoops!)

See you on Wednesday with our next comic!


Jan 12, 2024

Hair apparent

No one ever dared mention it to her before!

In other news, a new month's worth of bonus art, features and comics are up now on my Patreon, on both the SFW and Saucy Hippo tiers! There's a bunch of stuff this time around... Just head over to my patreon page for the full breakdown.


See you on Monday with our next comic!


Jan 10, 2024

Modern mascot

Hey... now we're REALLY getting somewhere.

Hope you all are having a good week. We're at about 85% healthy over here, but it feels like we've been stuck at that level for quite a while, now. My body still seems to be demanding an abnormally large amount of sleep, but I guess it needs it, so I'm trying to get that extra rest. Hence nonsense like today's comic, haha.

Nevertheless, I'll see y'all on Friday with our next comic!