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Personal Training Excerpt 5

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May 24, 2024


And that's a wrap of this little excerpt! (The sausage thing is a callback to this comic, in case you were wondering.)

If you enjoyed this sort of story, but wish it was about ten times as long and had nudity and cussing in it, then you would probably enjoy the comics on my Patreon's Saucy Hippo tier. There are a whole bunch of stories on there now, including the one these comics were pulled from, and you get access to 'em all when you back. Plus you help support me, the guy who makes all this stuff!

And hey... if you're not interested in that kind of thing, well, I hope you still enjoyed this excerpt! I think it has some funny gags in it and works as it's own little thing. And lemme tell you, being able to run this over the past two weeks has been a life saver, because geeze louise, recovering from being sick has been a real slog. I'm mostly functional now, but I'm still having coughing fits. This has been a rough year in the old health department for me, hasn't it? 2024 is kicking my ass!

Anyway, come back on Monday, team! Something will be here, as always.


May 22, 2024


Jess and Y are referring to the events of Game Night! As I'm sure you all remember. As for everyone's use of the word "yabbos"... I have no explanation for that. (Saucy Hippo patreon backers will also notice I've shuffled these pages around a little... it made this excerpt a more cohesive stand-alone read.)

In other news... we are having a "Last Chance" sale on a few of my classic t-shirts! (And apron!)


 That's all for today, team. But see you on Friday!


May 20, 2024

Mini Q&A: Arm Edition

Someone wrote in with this very topical question, so I thought I'd do a little Q and A. Like old times!

" So, I guess X's arm has some kind of synthetic epidermis so he doesn't go out in public with a terminator arm?" -Anthony

This is basically correct, yes! X now has a pair of "realistic" cybernetic arms that he normally uses. The reveal of the Underground and elimination of the Committee's holdbacks on tech have presumably allowed for a boom in the advancement of prosthetic limbs.

The "seam" between Mr. X's arms and body is not super visible, but I tend to show a hint of it in shots where he's particularly up close, like this one.

Of course, even though X's arms are mechanical, his love of lifting at the gym has not faltered in any way. Plus, I guess he still needs to work his other non-mechnaical upper body muscles. (Is that where the quinticeps are? It probably is.)

Hope you all have a great week, friends! See you on Wednesday with our next comic.


 So, I guess X's arm has some kind of synthetic epidermis so he doesn't go out in public with a terminator arm?