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Oct 20, 2004

Maybe you won't suffer, maybe it's quick

The Sam and Fuzzy message board recieved a bit of a revamp recently. Lots of human beings were starting to post, and as you know, human beings need lots of RULES and STRUCTURE and ARBITRARY CHANGES. So I lept into action. For example, in addition to the "On-Topic" area -- and I'm using the term "on topic" very loosely -- we now have a "Media Room" where you can talk about pretty much anything you can watch, read, play or listen to. And really... aren't we all the better for it? Of course we are.

No matter what colour your political stripes are, you have to admit that Mr. Bush is not really the best at organizing English words into sentences... heck, he admits it himself. Keeping that in mind, this video is pretty interesting to watch. It's worth watching for the clips of the younger, more succinct Bush in action... even if it does go on to make the sketchy claim that Mr. Bush is going senile. Did you know that you could reach such a definitive conclusion using only two video clips? I didn't! But now that I do, I've been busy. After assembling several pairs of clips, here's what I've learned so far:

John Kerry wears suits all the time, even while he sleeps and showers.

Dick Cheney doesn't have any legs.

John Edwards can never stop moving his arms, or he will explode.

Whew! That took five or ten minutes. I'm going to go lie down for awhile. See you all on Friday!

Sam Logan

Oct 18, 2004

If you want to go, from just a beginner to a pro, you need a MONTAGE

Team America: World Police does so much right. It's a hillarious parody of brainless Bruckheimer films, a clever satire on both sides of the political spectrum, a kingpin of over-the-top gross-out humour... but man, you can not top the songs. When the World Police first blasted out of Mount Rushmore to the tune of "America, F*** Yeah!", I was practically on the floor. "Freedom Isn't Free" and "Montage" are highlights, too. The soundtrack doesn't come out for a couple of weeks, but I'm sure looking forward to it.

Speaking of political humour, Jon Stewart appeared on CNN's Crossfire, and you can watch it online here. I thought Stewart was hillarious, but I hate Crossfire nearly as much as he does. Sometimes, the personalities and arguments on that show are so ridiculsouly black and white that I swear it negates the need for the sitcom Fuzzy developed.

Sam Logan

Oct 15, 2004

We're watching, we need it (wa-oh!)

A word of caution to Invader Zim fans... as you may or may not have heard, there are some problems with the 3rd DVD volume that came out on Tuesday. The ads promised that the Christmas episode would be uncut. The packaging itself claims that the Christmas episode is uncut. But friends, the Christmas episode on that DVD is the edited version. Boo! Apparently, they put on the wrong version by mistake. Even the audio commentary track is for the uncut version of the episode -- meaning it doesn't always make sense when paired with the episode as it is on the actual DVD. Thus far, there has been no word from Media Blasters about whether or not they will replace the discs or release a corrected version later, but cross your fingers.

There is a review of Sam and Fuzzy over at Buzz Bugle. I'm not entirely sure why "no color" is listed as a big red negative at the bottom of the review -- the reviewer himself points out that this would be a pretty stupid reason not to like the comic -- but what are you gonna do? Besides, the reviewer immediately redeemed themselves by correctly using the expression "could care less."

Do you hear me? It's could care less! "Couldn't care less" makes NO SENSE.

edit: Yes, I know that really, "couldn't care less" is the correct way of saying it, and it drives me nuts when people say otherwise. In my post above, I was just trying (and failing, apparently,) to sound sarcastic. No need to crush my poor inbox with corrections!

See you next week!

Sam Logan