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Guest: Ryan Estrada

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Nov 10, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Ryan Estrada

I am Jack's smirking revenge

Today's absolutely gigantic guest strip comes by way of Ryan Estrada -- a man who already held the "longest-guest strip ever online" record before breaking it again with this one. I would love to tell you all about this incredibly talented man and his awesome website crammed with great comics, but the first rule of Ryan Estrada is that you don't talk about Ryan Estrada.

I had to chop out my usual shop promotion banner above the strip to make room for giving all these talented guest artists their props. I hope that the smaller banner in the top right is eye-catching enough! But just in case, here's another reminder that these are the last three days to order I'm Communism and I'm Capitalism shirts, as well as all hoodies and babydolls in the other three designs. See you tommorrow with another guest strip!

Sam Logan

Nov 9, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Scarygoround's John Allison

I've got this pain in my heart that's all

O-GAWD continues with this mighty contribution from John Allison. I love the way John translates his trademark colourful vector stylings into black and white. I mean, did you see that run of Natalie strips he did? Great stuff! He's also a heck of a self-help guru. Don't let the Kropotkin pen name fool you. Injest the trout of self-actualization but avoid the tiny choking bones of doubt and shame.

Everyone has already told you to go see The Incredibles, so I doubt my recommendation will have much additional impact. But, what if it does? What if it added just enough pressure to convince one extra person to take it in? THEN IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

Sam Logan

Nov 8, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Orneryboy's Michael Lalonde

No TV and no beer make Homer... something something

AHH! COLOUR! And you know what "colour" means (besides the fact that I'm a Canadian)... it is guest artist season! Orneryboy's Michael Lalonde kicks off O-GAWD 2004 with the kind of comic that no one can do better: totally adorable, vibrantly coloured chartoon characters trying to off one another. I think this strip even tops the great strip Michael did for me last year, and let's be honest, it is no small feat to top mime death.

As you all probably know, I have a bit of a reputation for... er... "ambitious" guest strips. But this seems to have only encouraged this year's O-GAWDers to work extra hard and seriously outclass me. Everyone participating has really been at the top of their game... you are going to see some seriously impressive work over the next two weeks.

Remember, Sam and Fuzzy will be updating every single weekday for the next two weeks as I try to schedule in all these great comics. See you all tommorrow!

Sam Logan