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Rest of Your Life, Pt. 1

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Jan 3, 2005

Lots of DX-7s, and old athletic shoes

Sam and Fuzzy is kicking off the new year with a brand new storyline that I absolutely guarantee you may or may not enjoy. Reflecting on the past year, I've come to the conclusion that reflecting on things is very stressful and that no one should ever do it, ever. Perhaps this year will be better for the world in general, but how can I compare when I've already conciously forgotten everything that happened in 2004? Poof!

The fanart gallery has been updated, and now contains (I think) every piece that was emailed to me in 2004. I am also gloriously caught up on all my email, and am about to dive in and put together a new Commissions page to show off the metric ton of artwork I have been drawing for people lately. I am just feeling pretty on top of things in general!

Of course, no one can make you feel lazy like workhorse cartoonist Ryan Estrada. You've heard of these "24 hour comics," where the cartoonist attempts to draw 24 pages in 24 straight hours? Ryan Estrada has just completed what is surely the first 72 hour comic. It's not up on his website yet, but just look at that photo of all the pages on his floor. Ryan is a great guy, but I swear to god his is completely insane. He'll kill for you... because that's what he does.

Finally, everyone needs to pay particular attention to Scary Go Round this week. Trust me on this one.

Sam Logan

Dec 31, 2004

Magical Adventures in Breakfast

Today's Wigu strip will be the last. From beginning to end, it is a truly a special piece of work -- one of my favourite comics ever, online or in print. I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm glad Jeff is ending it on top -- instead of dragging on forever until the comics becomes bland and repetitive, like I am planning on doing. Besides, I know that deep down, that brave little boy will live on forever in our hearts. I mean, unless Jeff shoots him.

The United Nations and the Red Cross are ready to accept donations if you are so inclined. Canadians can do as I did and donate directly through the Canadian Red Cross website. Browsing around those websites is also a sobering reminder of all the other areas in the world in need of aid. There is certainly no shortage of worthy causes in need of funding. There are a limited number of world problems that can be solved entirely by throwing money at them, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Sam Logan

Dec 29, 2004

She loves your electric dumplings

It never ceases to surprise me just how much this website's daily visitor count drops during the week or so surrounding Christmas. Several other authors of webcomics big and small have mentioned to me that the same thing always happens to them around this time of year. Perhaps this is an indication of just how many folks read our comics while they are at the office! Glad to see everyone is working hard.

Fuzzy may not care about the outside world, but... well, Fuzzy is kind of a dick. I think most of us are following the news pouring out of Southern Asia. It is almost impossible to wrap your mind around a disaster of this magnitude. I know the old saying about one death being a tragedy and a thousand being a statistic, but I don't think anyone can be that indifferent when they turn on their televisions and see what is really happening over there. There's no option to be blissfully ignorant of the details on this one. If you want to help out, even in a small way, you probably can't go wrong with the United Nations or the Red Cross.

Sam Logan